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Applications are Open

SoKawaiiSundays is a weekly event that will be an avenue to highlight kawaii themed content on secondlife. This event will give the kawaii community an arena to experience main stores and brands that represent the cutesy side of Secondlife.


Every sunday, one or two items will be set for sale at 65L at each main store.

Shoppers are encouraged to join the secondlife group "SoKawaiiSundays" to grab the Kawaii Sales notecard.


This notecard will be available every Saturday evening at 5PM SLT.


The sales notecard contains ADs, SURLs, LMs and basic descriptions.


The sale lasts ONLY 24 hours every sunday and ends at the stroke of midnight! This is strictly enfourced! You can also view each week's sunday spread here on the website. The website will only have pictures in a catalog format.

If you are interested in joining us for the launch date and thereafter, read more below and complete the registration application.

G U I D E L I N E S and R E G U L A T I O N S 

♥ [Participation] - At least once a month to remain active. 

♥ [Participation Fee] - $1500

♥ You can sell one or two, NEW, Re-colored, Re-textured or OLD item in this sale - if you are listing an old item, we recommend listing an item that is at least 20 - 30 Days old. 

♥ Number of Items: one or two items/fatpack. You can list each item of a fatpack at 65L, or the fatpack at 65L. The item should be 65L. 

♥ NO REPEAT LISTINGS ARE ALLOWED! This means, recoloring the same item every week and submitting it! 

♥ There isn’t a specific theme, however it must be kawaii-themed items, think lots of pink, lots of pastels, lots of adorable; soft girl, or soft boy items. Furniture is welcome too. Your creative expression is welcome but with each item set on sale, think of the overall theme and idea of this event. ( Kawaii means "Cute" in Japanese, if you are unfamiliar with this genre, we suggest browsing through pinterest: or search the word "Kawaii" in any search engine to get an idea of the concept ).

♥ Aplication Deadline is 11:59 AM SLT / Setup Deadline is 2PM SLT

All items must be 100% original. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated. 

♥ Stolen material, or any item that violates Linden Lab's terms of service is strongly prohibited.

No templates.

♥ When setting up, please display your item near the landing point, with the SoKawaiiSundays logo or sticker visible so that customers can easily locate your item. 

♥ The sale is only for 24 hours, all Sunday , you are required to put the item back up to regular price after the stroke of midnight. The rule is strictly enforced! The sale is only for Sundays.

♥ When listing or sharing your AD on social media, we recommend that you share a link to the main group where customers can access the sales notecard that will go out in notices every sunday.

♥ We recommend that you share your ADs in the facebook group here:

♥ Please be courteous, we don’t want to police you but, if you are repeatedly unable to adhere to these basic guidelines, we reserve the right to part ways as we would like to maintain some structure and fairness all around.


If you are interested in joining consider the following process;


Registrations to join this event are open please complete the google form below to be considered for a spot in the event.


We will review your store and message you with our final deliberations. Registration does not equal a definite spot as we reserve the right to investigate your store, content, existing copyright or theft accusations or DMCAs before accepting. 


There is a separate form for participation which will be sent out via the Secondlife SoKawaiiGroup for Creators. That participation form will be the method used to confirm your participation every week

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