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About SoKawaiiSundays

bouncy bouncy SoKawaiiSundays

SoKawaiiSundays is a weekly sundays only event that serves as an avenue to highlight kawaii themed content on secondlife. This event gives the kawaii community an arena to experience main stores and brands that represent the cutesy side of Secondlife. Every sunday, one kawaii product will be set for sale at 65L at each main store. Some items will be new, some re-colored and some old previously released. 


You must join the secondlife group "SoKawaiiSundays" to grab the Kawaii Sales notecard. The notecard will be available every Saturday 5 PM SLT (Second Life Time). The sales notecard can be found in the notices of the "SoKawaiiSundays" secondlife group. The sale lasts till Sunday 11:59 PM.

You can also view each week's spread here on the website but, the website will only have a catalogue. The notecard contains Advertisements, SURLs, Landmarks and basic descriptions of each item. Come and discover KawaiiSL♥️

© SoKawaiiSundays is Copyright Protected

"Kawaii" translates from Japanese to English as "Cute". It refers to items, humans and nonhumans that are "cute", "tiny", "lovable", "charming", "shy", and sometimes childlike. Kawaii revolves around an aesthetic that incorporates bright or pastel colors into fashion statements and style. The most famous examples of the kawaii culture include Hello Kitty and Pikachu. Other examples of kawaii can be found in genres of anime and manga. 


In secondlife, while still respecting copyright stipulations many content creators have incorporated this culture of cuteness, known as the kawaii aesthetic into their creations. SoKawaiiSundays strives to introduce the second life community to some of the best "Kawaii-themed" brands on the grid.

What is Kawaii?


SoKawaiiSundays was acquired by Velour Holdings on November 2020

VELOUR HOLDINGS is a company that takes care of a network of companies in Second Life in the field of cosmetics & apparel.

 It was created in 2019 by Kiria Mama with Velour Beauty and now manages 3 stores (Velour Beauty, Apparel & Homme), 2 events (Powder Pack & SokawaiiSundays) and 3 affiliated stores. 

This channel is coming soon!

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